Reseller Central JSON API Developer Docs

Welcome to the Reseller Central JSON API

The JSON API allows you to issue commands to Reseller Central in a familar URL type request scheme that returns JSON data.

You must generate an API Key in your Reseller Central's Account Settings page under the Account Management tab. If you already have an API Key generated it is not neccessary to create a new one, doing so will invalidate your current API Key.

Formatting the Request URL

Every call to the JSON API is made using a specially formatted URL as detailed below:

  • Every request starts with: http (or)
  • Specify the module you wish to use: ?module=getLocations
  • Authenticate with your API Key: &api_key=mygeneratedapikey
  • Additional and Optional Parameters: &

A complete call to the API will resemble one of the following depending on if the call requires Authentication, Additional, and/or Optional Parameters:


Available Modules

Below is an overview of the modules available for usage through the JSON API. You may request additional modules be added to the API by opening a ticket to

My Account




  • getPackages - Retrieve a list of your available packages.


  • getMigrations - Retrieve a list of your past and pending migrations.
  • addMigration - Add a new account migration to the queue.

Scripts & Tools

Ready to use Software

Below you will find software that is already designed to use the Reseller Central API.

  • WHMCS - Fully-featured billing and client administration software

Code Examples

We offer the following sample code to help you integrate the Reseller Central API into your own application.

  • PHP - General purpose scripting language especially suited for Web development.

If you would like to submit an update or sample code for a different language please let us know by opening a ticket to